Help Center

The Help Center is our resource and assistance page for everything relating to pregnancy, childbirth, birth injuries and resulting childhood disabilities. Parents or caregivers of children disabled by a birth injury can find relevant, current informational resources on treatment, financial aid, educational programs and other topics.


This page attempts to give accurate, reliable answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about birth injuries and related disabilities.

Risk Factors for Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are often the result of unpredictable events that unfold during childbirth, but there are certain factors which are known to increase the risk of these delivery room hazards.

Financial Support

Raising a child with a birth injury disability can be a massive financial burden on any family. Learn about the various sources of public and private financial assistance available.

Education Programs

Learn about the various educational and day care programs available for children with disabilities as well as public educational benefits.

Epidural Pros & Cons

Learn about the potential risks of using this immensely popular method of maternal pain relief during labor and delivery.